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Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets

Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets - Everything for your Kitchen, from novelty egg poachers to milk frothers

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    Planetaria Coasters
    Now: £14.99
    Was: £19.99

    These are a stunning set of 9 drinks Coasters, that come in a matching gift box. • Set Of Nine…

  • PhoneSoap Pro

    Twice the bulbs, half the time. PhoneSoap Pro offers an enhanced sanitizing experience, killing 99.9…

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    Gollum Shaped Mug
    Now: £8.99
    Was: £9.99

    It is called the Gollum Shaped Mug. Strictly speaking it is just Gollums head. But drinking from Gol…

  • Taz Shaped Mug

    Taz might be ferocious and intent on eating just about everything he comes across. He is however sti…

  • Eggplant Sauce Bottle

    The Eggplant Sauce Bottle adds a fun and unusual element to every meal time. Better know as the Aube…

  • Blade Rhino Knife Sharpener

    Blade is a Rhino, and Rhino that likes to sharpen knives. Just run the knife along Blades horn and y…

  • Volcano Egg Cup

    We have plenty of Egg style gadgets (see Egg gadgets), some of them will help you time your egg so y…

  • Beer Mug

    A good old proper pint mug with what looks like a pint already in it. No matter from what angle or h…

  • Veggie Pops

    Healthy Ice Pops for all the family. Veggie Pops are carrot shaped ice moulds. Just add your favouri…

  • Trump Corkscrew

    There are many ways to open wine and also many corkscrews out there. We will confidently say you won…

  • Coffee Lab Glass

    The coffee revolution of recent years has meant we demand even more exacting standards when it comes…

  • Sushi Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Quite cute and a little bit fun the Sushi Salt and Pepper Shakers deserve a place in the middle of e…

  • Musical Wine Glass

    Create your very own orchestra with the Muscial Wine Glasses. This wine glass has musical notations …

  • Civilised Glass

    Also known as the Pythagorean cup. Fill the wine glass up beyond a certain point and the whole glass…

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    Sprout Storage Jar
    Now: £13.99
    Was: £18.99

    A clever way to keep coffee or loose leaf or suger tea within reach, this jar is a container and a s…

  • FootBowl

    You might have already guessed, the FootBowl is a bowl, not shaped like a foot or a football, but li…

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    Take Home Beer Carton
    £10.80 - £27.80

    There always comes a time where you should be at home and not in the pub. You can only ignore your p…

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    Coffee Bin
    Now: £18.99
    Was: £19.99

    You can't go many places now without seeing a coffee shop chain and a coffee cup. if you are a perso…

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    Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills
    Now: £35.00
    Sale: £42.99
    Was: £42.99

    Add a bit of spice and Mexican flair to meal times with the Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills. These woode…

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    Silver Bear Mug
    Now: £7.99
    Sale: £8.99
    Was: £8.99

    So you want a mug? A mug that's different, unusual, and rather cool looking? Well this Silver Bear M…

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    Avocado Spoon Rest
    Now: £7.99
    Was: £9.99

    Unless you eat lots of takeaways then the chances are you'll be doing some stirring at some point. A…

  • Swanky Ladle

    Not so much a kitchen gadget, more a kitchen necessity. If you don't have a ladle then you don't get…

  • Gracula

    Gracula is rotund and quite passive, he's not a blood sucking vampire like the fangs might first sug…

  • The Chork

    The Chork is halfway between chopsticks and a fork. It has 3 uses, either as chopsticks, or a fork o…

  • Zip Eat Jar Opener

    It looks like a giant rubber zip, and it sort of is. It does however perform perfectly as a jar open…

  • Ravanello

    Wow your dinner guests with this rather cute way of making a radish look like a toadstool. The 'gadg…

  • Guzzle Buddy

    With the Guzzle Buddy you can decant the wine from the bottle straight into your mouth. By no means …

  • Dynamike Bottle Cap

    If you've ever been known to pick up a bottle and start singing into it as though it is the micropho…

  • TV Beer Mug

    Beer and TV, two things that should be seamless. You don't want to waste your time looking away from…

  • Unicorn Colour Changing Mug

    What magical elixir can you drink from a Unicorm Mug? Well surely anything you put into this colour …

  • Meat Claws

    If you're looking for a gift for a vegetarian this is one where you should probably carry on clickin…

  • Architecture Mug

    The perfect mug to sit on every architects desk the Architecture Mug features designs from 10 of the…

  • Planet Bowls

    Make a hole in your porridge and you'll be staring deep into the surface of one of the planets. Each…

  • CakeDozer

    You can now buldoze your slab of hefty cake straight onto your plate with ease. Just cut, lift the t…

  • Cat Napkins

    Your guests will be delighted when they see the cats have also been invited for dinner. The cats if …

  • Hulk Shaped Mug

    Ok so it's not actually shaped like the Incredible Hulk, it is shaped like his hand. A mug shaped li…

  • How To Yoga Mug

    If looks relatively easy, but if you've ever tried Yoga you'd know that it's not something you can j…

  • Ezpz Happy Mat

    The Happy Mat is an all-in-one placemat + plate that captures kids' messes. Another bonus? It&n…

  • Alphabet Ice

    Alphabet Ice is the fun way to cool your drink down. Make lots of letters from the ice moulds a…

  • Egg Storage Pail

    What better way to store your eggs than in this shiny traditional looking bucket. Specifically made…

  • Stainless Steel Straws

    You cannot use normal plastic straws at a sophisticated drinks party, so Stainless Steel Straws are …

  • Digital Thermometer Pan

    Cooking is a science, and science applies what we've learnt and hopefully applying th…

  • Snack and Stack

    The Snack and Stack is a lego style knife, fork and spoon set. Fun, amusing and should bri…

  • Crate Fruit Bowl

    It took some clever designer to realise that the undulating tray that gets our apples safely to…

  • Key Pete

    Key Pete  is the reliable guardian of your keys. He won't let go until you need them. He can at…

  • Unzipped

    Unzipped might look like a resealable bag relieved of its contents. It is however a quirky hand-blow…

  • Glass Half Pint

    The Glass Half Pint is a glass replica of the old cartons half pints of milk once came in. The kind …

  • Eco Cup

    Following the succes of 'I am not a paper cup'  you can now get the Eco Cup. It's pretty m…

  • AK Bullet Ice Tray

    Some people think guns are cool. Well that might be depend on your upbringing and priorities, y…

  • Pass The Salt

    Asking for someone to pass you the salt will soon become a thing of the past. You'll probably f…

  • EggBods

    EggBods are egg cups with personality.So keep the kids entertained as they have fun with boiled eggs…

  • Drinking Glasses

    A slightly bizarre and unusual idea but an ideal gift for someone that wears glasses and likes to dr…

  • Moustache Mugs

    If you're in the office and need a quick disguise then grab a Moustache Mug. Hopefully a n…

  • Ape-Ron

    The perfect gift if you know someone who likes to be the jester whilst spending time in the kitchen.…

  • Scrrub

    Scrrub is one of these small kitchen gadgets that you wondered how you did without for all those yea…

  • Bombs Away Shot Glasses

    We don't condone war or drinking to excess, so combining the both, well.... probably not. Howev…

  • Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Cutter

    The Pizza Boss 3000 earns it name due to its resemblance to a circular saw. It might look like it be…

  • Cactus Shaker

    Put some spice and spikes to your kitchen and dining experience with this Spiky Cactus Spice Shaker.…

  • My Cuppa Mug

    This mug has been created for tea & coffee lovers who crave the perfect cuppa every time they bo…

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