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Man Wrap

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Product Description

Sometimes it's good being a bloke, other times it's not. We won't list the reasons, we're sure you can think of a few. However put an object in front of a man along with some wrapping paper and come back in an hour or two. You'll probably find that not much has happened, either that or you'll find that you pick the object up and it fills straight out of the paper in which it was 'wrapped'.

This is why Man Wrap was invented. Just roll out the desired amount from the high quality 5m roll and cut. Quicker and neater, which hopefully aids the wrapping paper. The 'man' should hopefully only have to stick it down and it's all done.

Man Wrap comes in red or blue.

  •  Roll holds 5 metres of man wrap.
  •  Printed foil wrapping paper with a stylish star design.

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