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Miffy Lamp

£102.99 - £146.99
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Product Description

Miffy, adored by children across the world. The new version from Mr Maria is dimmable and made from a better quality tactile plastic and comes with Remote Control.

 For those that don't know the Miffy Lamp is a rabbit shaped lamp, it's the sort of thing you remember from your childhood when looking back. The comforting light from the rabbit style lamp provides warmth and quirky cuteness in droves. Any child would instantly befriend and fall in love with the Miffy Lamp.

Miffy Lamp comes in two sizes, see below. A large version and a small version, both providing a warmth of light that your child won't forget.

Miffy has a stylistic, serene, almost Buddha-like appearance, it's calming influence is noticeable as soon as you walk in the room.

Both lamps feature a dimmable LED bulb, and come with a UK adaptor, so you can simply plug it in and enjoy!

Miffy replicates the cute nature and playfullness of a rabbit.

The Miffy Lamp is made from a soft polyurethane plastic which not only helps diffuse the light from within but also makes Miffy soft to touch.

The Original version with a dimmable remote controlled LED module. With Wake Up and Sleep timer functionality.


Miffy figure is moulded hollow plastic figure.

Small Specifications:

50cm x 25cm, polyethylene, unbreakable and recyclable and environmentally friendly. Supplied with dimmable bulb.


Large Specifications:

80cm x 40cm, polyethylene, unbreakable and recyclable and environmentally friendly. Supplied with dimmable bulb.


When you order your Miffy Lamp you will recieve a text from DPD arranging delivery at a convenient date and time


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