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  • Lion First Light

    Lion is bright yellow like sunshine, the perfect happy addition to any room. He has playful manes fr…

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    Miffy Rechargeable Light
    Now: £65.00
    Sale: £67.99
    Was: £67.99

    Miffy First Light is a modern take on the original Miffy Lamp. The difference with Miffy First Light…

  • Miffy Dream Lamp

    Miffys Dream Lamp is named so because unlike the standard Miffy Lamp this Miffy is sat on a cloud. T…

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    Lia Heart Shaped Lamp
    Now: £109.99
    Sale: £139.99
    Was: £139.99

    Elegant, warm and altogether quite charming. The Lia Lamp is a heart shaped lamp that will add a a s…

  • Kokeshi Lamp

    Kokeshi with her minimalist looks and shining bright from within adds a new dimesion to any room. So…

  • Mini Smiley Lamp

    If you want a lamp to bring a smile to your face everyday then this has be the lamp to do that. The …

  • Brown Bear Lamp
    Sale: £129.99

    The Brown Bear Lamp from Mr Maria is anything but a big scary bear. It's cute, quirky and very adora…

  • Miffy Lamp
    £102.99 - £146.99

    Miffy, adored by children across the world. The new version from Mr Maria is dimmable and made from …

  • Smiley Lamp
    Sale: £89.99

    Brighten up your day, the room you're in and everyone around you. The Smiley Lamp not only smiles bu…

  • Anana Elephant Lamp

    Elephants might be a bit big to cuddle but nonetheless they are adored by all. That's why combining …

11 of 11 Items