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Novelty /ˈnɒv(ə)lti/

{the quality of being new, original, or unusual}

originality, newness, freshness, unconventionality, unfamiliarity, unusualness, difference, imaginativeness, creativity

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  • £9.99

    The Vortex Vault savings bank is the coolest way to save your hard-earned cash. Enjoy a thrilling, m…

  • WiFi Catcher

    Talking is becoming a thing of the past, so you don't want to waste time telling your friends your W…

  • Poo Curling

    Potty humour always seems to amuse even if some choose to hide their amusement. Combine this sort of…

  • Racing Floaters

    You could make your own, but that would be disgusting. Instead we propose getting these little wind …

  • Thumb Sweatbands

    If you're serious about gaming then you have to have the kit to back it up. Your thumbs are the conn…

  • Blast Off Light

    If you're a fan of space travel, unusual lighting or just cool stuff you will love this brilliant Bl…

  • Goldfish Pet Bowl

    Probably for cats as they like fish, your dog might not be so amused at seeing a fish in its bowl. …

  • Rockstar Backpack
    MSRP: £29.99

    You don't need an ounce of musical talent wear one of these backpacks. Although anyone wearing of th…

  • Elephant Straws

    Everything these days has to be reusable and the Elephant Straws are no exception. Just put Mr Eleph…

  • Yoshi Egg Light
    MSRP: £22.99

    We're not sure if Yoshi lays eggs but if he did they would look a bit like this. Whether they light …

  • Trump Toilet Brush

    Get right down into the bowl and brush those democraps right off the enamel with this Trump Toilet B…

  • £399.99

    You can pretty much guarantee that this Skull Chair will be a unique talking piece in your house, th…

  • £12.99

    Healthy Ice Pops for all the family. Veggie Pops are carrot shaped ice moulds. Just add your favouri…

  • Fartology Book

    We all fart, trump, parp and fump. Some more than other. Fartology is does as you might expect explo…

  • £28.99

    There are many ways to open wine and also many corkscrews out there. We will confidently say you won…

  • Escape Room Game

    It's not quite the same as getting stuck in a room without a clue of how to get out. Hopefully when …

  • Bear Slippers

    For the ultimate comfort if not slightly unusual looking feet just get yourself a pair of Bear Slipp…

  • Harry Potter Wallet

    Although Harry Potter didn't spend much time down at the supermarket he did have a rather nice walle…

  • Toothbrush Timer

    If you're over a certain age you should probably know how good you are at brushing your teeth. If ho…

  • Cherry Toilet Brush

    A toilet brush is never going to be talking point or a centre piece, that is until now. This rather …

  • £18.99

    A clever way to keep coffee or loose leaf or suger tea within reach, this jar is a container and a s…

  • Cactus Scissors

    Everything seems to be cactus themed these days, why, we don't know, Unicorns are understandable, bu…

  • Cactus Doorstop

    Sticking a cacti in a pot and holding the door open with it is asking for trouble. This Cactus Doors…

  • Sword Fly Swatter

    Engarde! If the fly does not surrender then you can attack with this novelty fly swat. Shaped with a…

  • What Do You Meme

    Finally the award winning game has a UK version!   The rules are simple. Compete to create th…

  • Sale
    Trump Socks
    Now: £21.99
    Was: £29.99

    We're not actually sure if Mr Trump wears socks that match his hair. Although we do know that he&nbs…

  • Sale
    Praying Mantis Mask
    Now: £29.99
    MSRP: £34.99
    Was: £34.99

    It's not everyday you get the chance to be a Praying Mantis. We don't suggest you go to work as one,…

  • Sale
    Now: £8.99
    MSRP: £9.99
    Was: £9.99

    A game for the more refined amongst us, no beer swigging, burping or boyish behaviour. This is not B…

  • Light Up Laces

    The one way to stand out from the crowd is to where a flashing traffic cone on your head. If that's …

  • Sale
    Silver Bear Mug
    Now: £7.99
    MSRP: £8.99
    Was: £8.99

    So you want a mug? A mug that's different, unusual, and rather cool looking? Well this Silver Bear M…

  • Avocado Spoon Rest

    Unless you eat lots of takeaways then the chances are you'll be doing some stirring at some point. A…

  • Trophy Babies Cup

    Everyone sees thier own child as thier own lil' winner. It's the same with dogs, your dog is nicer s…

  • Prick

    With stunning photography and well written content Prick is a must for any amatuer. Gynelle Leo…

  • Sale
    Crow Mask
    Now: £25.00
    MSRP: £32.99
    Was: £32.99

    If you want to go down to the park to do a bit of squawking then it might be an idea to put on this …

  • Aroma Lab Diffuser

    A laboratory with bubblings flasks and steaming beakers seems a bit mysterious and to some slightly …

  • Ravanello

    Wow your dinner guests with this rather cute way of making a radish look like a toadstool. The 'gadg…

  • Apres Ski Poles
    MSRP: £64.99

    It's almost mandatory these days to take a hip flask out with you whilst Skiing. Well now there is n…

  • NiceBalls

    Some might say grotesque, others will see it as the perfect way to relieve stress. But if you think …

  • Cow Jumper

    Humans wear jumpers and live inside houses. Cows live outside and until now didn't have jumpers. Thi…

  • Guzzle Buddy

    With the Guzzle Buddy you can decant the wine from the bottle straight into your mouth. By no means …

  • Beer Towel

    If you like beer, going on holiday and sitting on a beach then this is the towel for you.... or mayb…

  • Gummy Bacon Rashers

    Hmmm, we all (nearly) love bacon. Well now you can enjoy it in yet another form. Still in the tradit…

  • Eagle Talons

    Americas National Bird is the Bald Eagle. These latex talons are so amazingly realistic, your cat wi…

  • Lager Lolly

    Like the taste of Lager but don't like to drink it? Need that Lager hit without getting drunk? Well …

  • Underpants Wallet

    They say that carrying your cash it your pants if the safest option. It is however not the best opti…

  • Scale Stool

    If you like to watch what your weight when you're eating then this is the perfect solution. Just wat…

  • Eye Watch

    The eye is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for making and doing things, and this is the watch for ge…

  • I'm As Big As

    So how tall are you really? We all know our own height, but do you know how tall you are compared to…

  • Inflatable Deer

    Perfect for Christmas or just about any other time when a real deer is not needed. Real Deers poo, w…

  • Moustache Mug

    Moustaches were once a sign of masculinity, nowadays opinion varies on this, but to celebrate the gr…

  • Dali Watch

    (Hover over the above image to see the Dali Watch in action!) If you've rejoiced in Dali's vivi…

  • Sale
    Nuts About Golf
    Now: £2.62
    MSRP: £6.56
    Was: £6.56

    Combining the two things most blokes think they're good at but can't actually do that well is t…

  • Solar Queen

    The Queen loves to wave, and if you want to go and see HM doing some waving just take some time off …

  • Ape-Ron

    The perfect gift if you know someone who likes to be the jester whilst spending time in the kitchen.…

  • My Cuppa Mug

    This mug has been created for tea & coffee lovers who crave the perfect cuppa every time they bo…

  • Big Mouth Bass Mug

    Like fishing? Then this big fish mug is about as good as it gets... providing you like drinking tea …

  • Beard Heads

    With the onset of cold weather practicality takes over from fashion sense. Or does it? The Beard Hea…

  • Gigantic Microbes

    If Giant Microbes are a million times bigger than the real thing, then how big are Gigantic Mic…

  • EZ Chopsticks

    No need to make life harder than it needs to be. These chopsticks are indeed chopsticks. They are ho…

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