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    Indoor Picnic Blanket
    Now: £19.99
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    An Indoor Picnic Blanket... Normally only something you might consider if it's raining. But these da…

  • Picnic Blanket - On The Moon RugPicnic On The Moon

    It's not quite Picnic On The Moon, that would cost millions and your sausage rolls would float away.…

  • Minipresso

    Minipresso is the ultimate portable espresso machine for coffee lovers. Compact, lightweig…

  • Samurai Umbrella

    Made from a 100% forged plastic handle and finely crafted nylon canopy the Samurai Sword Umbrella is…

  • Darkfin Bootees

    The most comfortable and stable split-toe booties on the market! You’ve never experienced a b…

  • Beard Heads

    With the onset of cold weather practicality takes over from fashion sense. Or does it? The Beard Hea…

  • Bladefish Sea Scooters

    The Bladefish Sea Seacooter has been years in development, and finally it's here. The best underwate…

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    Now: £59.99
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    Was: £99.99

    For the latest version the SelkBag Click HERE. The MusucBag is the all-in-one suit. Made for sleepi…

  • Darkfin Gloves

    Not since the jet fin was invented has there been a product that allowed those participating in wate…

  • MusucBag Lite

    The MusucBag Lite is pretty much as it sounds, a lighter (lite) version of the original MusucBag. Th…

  • Senz Umbrella

    Playing with the wind has become not only easy and comfortable, it’s a lot of fun too! The Sen…

  • Gadget Floats

    It's one of the worst feelings when you drop something, your heart sinks and you wonder if it's goin…

19 of 19 Items