Antworks and Antfarm

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The Antworks is the virtually carefree antfarm. You probably never thought of having ants as pets but now, thanks to the boffins at NASA, you can keep ants in their own little worlds where they have everything they could ever wish for. Choose the gel based Antworks or the interconnecting Ant Farms.

          ntworks and antfarm

The Antworks was developed in conjunction with NASA who were investigating how different species of animal behave in space. The Antworks is a self-contained environment so the ants can make tunnels, whilst the gel provides adequate nutrients for them to live.

With the Antworks kit you will also get a mail-in coupon to get your ants. Also comes with little magnifying glass accessory kit.
Size: 17 x 14 x 3.5 cms

Now you can make your Antworks look even cooler with the Antworks Illuminator. Just clip it to the base of the Antworks, switch it on and it suddenly becomes a funky nightlight.


Ant Farm

If you want something a bit less space age and more down to earth for your ant to play in, then the Antfarm is a bit more suitable. Watch them make their intricate tunnels through the sand and create their underground home.

They are also connectable to other Antfarms using clear tubing to create your own ant universe.

Also comes with mail-in coupon for ants.

Size: 23 x 15 cms

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