Bamboo Toothbrush Eco Friendly Biodegradable

Primary colour: Pink
Sale price£2.60 GBP


Trying to go Eco-friendly can seem like a mind field, but a very simple change which can make a massive impact, is change to a bamboo toothbrush. I’ve tried a few different types and much prefer this handle. The stylish round handle makes it very easy to grip and being made from bamboo is an environmentally sustainable timber. And whilst the handle is 100% eco-friendly, unfortunately the bristles are made from nylon. However compared to a normal toothbrush this is still far better for the environment and you wont look back. This comes as a pack of one and please specify colour when ordering and I’ll do my best. Check out the bamboo and cornstarch pot that we also sell which is are environmentally friendly and would look great with your new toothbrush in.

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