Bev Tie

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Your drink is cold, you've got your phone in one hand and trying to respond to a message of Facebook with the other hand. Yes, you could put your beer down, but that's not always possible. This is where the Bev Tie comes into its own. Just stick your drink in your Tie and you have two hands free, for doing whatever you want to do with those hands. More importantly though, you know where your drink is, where it's been and that you can reach it when you need it. Where better to keep it?

You don't have to be a suit wearing city slicker to wear one. Whatever your occasion the Bev Tie has its use. Always keep your beer where it should be....

Product features:

- MADE FROM WATERPROOF NEOPRENE - keeps your drink cold and condensation off your clothing.

- DRINK POUCH – holds your beverage and keeps your hands free!

– BOTTLE/CAN MODE – easily switch from bottle to can mode by pressing up on the bottom of the pouch to engage the “Awesome Velcro Strip

- VELCRO NECKSTRAP - secures the Bev Tie comfortably around your neck.

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