Bowler Hat Light

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Use it a lamp or wear it as a sort of headlamp. This Bowler Hat Lamp is powered by batteries, so you can use it in your home then wear it if you need a bit of light when taking the bins out at night!

Reflecting one of the iconic images from the recent closing of the Olympic games the bowler hat lamp is a must for any budding city boy.



A quality flock bowler hat housing a super bright bulb containing 3 leds.

Perfect for a party, night out or a business meeting and when not adorning your head it makes a very good desk lamp. Certainly a talking piece however you decide to use it.

So if you think you're a bright spark then stick your bowler hat on and switch the light on!

Any gentleman these days either wears tweed or has a bowler hat, but the bright sparks amongst us wear a light on top of their bowler hat, just to let everyone know.

Requires 3 x AAA batteries, not included.

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