Caffeine Mints by Rally Energy

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Introducing the best kept-secret in personal productivity management – Caffeinated Mints by Rally Energy. It freshens your breath while getting the caffeine kick you need: Start the day right; Conquer a workout; Be your best for a date or meeting; Stay up late studying or slaying the last-minute project. Best of all, the award-winning, proprietary Rally Mint packaging fits in any pocket or purse without making the clanking noise coming with the metal containers.


Caffeine, cinnamon flavoring, Sucralose, Magnesium Stearate, Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Mannitol, Glycine, Red Lake Color.


  • A SHOT OF ESPRESSO IN YOUR POCKET - One caffeinated mint has the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee, with the convenience of a mint;
  • FAST ACTING - Rally Energy's quick-dissolving, fast acting energy mints perk up your mind on demand, giving you the energy you need at the right moment, faster than any caffeinated drinks;
  • FRESHEN YOUR BREATH – Yes, no coffee breath;
  • ZERO CALORIES – Sugar-free energy, quick pick-me-up with zero calories and without many of the artificial additives of energy shots or caffeine pills;
  • NO JITTERS, BLOAT, OR CRASH – Energy for you to power through
  • 1 pack contains10 mints


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