Christmas Singing Bauble

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Whether it's too ealy for Christmas or not, a bit of forward planning never did anyone any harm. So order a Christmas Singing Bauble now, he looks like Santa and his nose even lights up!

The best way to amaze your guests this Christmas is with a Singing Bauble. Don't ply them with booze and encourage over indulgence, just get them to walk past the Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Singing Bauble is motion activated, so don't worry, it won't keep singing all night long. Just walk past it and the bauble that looks a bit like santa will start singing Jingle Bells.

Christmas Singing Bauble that looks little bit like Santa!

  • Motion Activated
  • Hangs on the tree
  • Sings Jingle Bells
  • Don't worry if the bauble gets really annoying - it comes with spare batteries
  • Can also be activated by button.

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