Coin Counting Money Jar

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Don't just save the pennies but count them aswell. Each time you add your spare change to this money jar it will count and add up how much you put in.

The Coin Counting Money Jar is a bit like a piggy bank but this has the added bonus of being able to count as you save. This will hopefully give you the incentive to save money and treat yourself once in a while.

Ideal if you have something in mind you're saving up for. You know when you've hit your target and there's no need to count it all out when it's full.  

This Coin Saving Jar is the perfect solution for all that loose change lying around and is ideal for saving up for something special, eg. holiday, theatre, haircut, new outfit or even just a night out at your local pub!


  • Tabulates each coin that you put in
  • Shows a running total of the amount of money saved
  • Handy digital LCD display
  • UK and EU version available
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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