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 It might look like some sort of stress relieving gunk but Cyber Clean is in fact an effective and fun way to clean those parts other cleaners cannot reach. Push the goo into virtually anything leaving it clean and disinfected.

Tests around the world have proven that keyboards have a higher cumulation of germs than public toilets and often store tremendous amounts of waste (such as hair, dead skin, food and dust)! A dirty and often contaminated keyboard, the remains of toner in the printer and other dirty objects can harm your health and seriously compromise the performance of your electronic devices. Cyber Clean® is the solution!

Cyber Clean® is a true revolution when it comes to cleaning action in cavities, where convention cleaning products are facing physical limits. Cyber Clean® difounds in cavities and because of its perfect combination of viscosity elasticity and its patented formula, it absorbs dirt and any other residues and it kills the germs on the surface!

The use of Cyber Clean® is very simple and highly efficient! Just press Cyber Clean® on the surface of your device, and all dirt will be trapped in the material and the germs on the surface will be killed!


  • Ideal for all devices and surfaces
  • Has proven disinfecting action Absorbs dirt and dust in cavities
  • Visible cleaning results
  • 100% Bio-degradable Guaranteed quality through Swiss formula
  • 80 gram pouch

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