Desk Shed

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Behind every good man there is a garden shed. Is that not how the saying goes? Any man with an aptitude for anything other than watching Dancing On Ice has a garden shed. He has interests, a passion for all things fine and likes to dream about making things.

Well if you can't stay away from the garden shed that long then why not bring part of it to your desk, using the Desk Shed. Yes you can keep your normal office/desk type stuff in this shed.


Things happen in garden sheds, go-karts for grandchildren, pigeon fancying and lots more. Although you'll never know exactly what goes on in the shed.

A Desk Shed is fine, but your boss might draw the line at  pigeon loft.

Store all your office tools, the roof even flips open for easy access or go in through the front door.

17.5 x 17 x 12 cm

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