Dolphin Moodlight Bath Plug

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If you have a bucket list then swimming with Dolphins has to be on that list. If not then maybe you can just start with an illuminated colour changing dolphin in your bath. It has two functions, it's a plug, which is good, all your bath water should stay where it is. Secondly the Dolphin is illuminated and changes colour, which makes any bathtime experience that bit more magical.

The Dolphin Moodlight Bath Plug is automatic, so comes on as soon as it hits the water, and goes off when you take it out. The technology within the Dolphin means it will illuminate itself and your bathwater creating an unusual and relaxing bathing time. How tranquil....

The Dolphin Is detachable from the bathplug, so you can still use your own bath plug and free the dolphin so it can swim around in your bath water.

The Dolphin contains LED lights and funnily enough is waterproof!

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