Earwax Candle Making Kit

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Do you know how much earwax the average human ear produces in a lifetime? Well neither do we. Regardless of amounts in an age where nothing should be thrown away without being used again we have this kit, or at least the box anyway.

Making a real candle from earwax would be slightly grotesque, this is just a gift box, so sorry to disappoint the frugals amongst us who were literally dripping earwax at the thought of recycling and making candles from it.

If you are slightly disappointed then don't be, a gift box Earwax Candle Making Kit is still good for a laugh, and we also have lots more fairly whacky and unusual gifts on our site that we're sure you'll like.

With this product, as hopefully you have reliased by now you'll get a box, with nothing inside. You then put the recipients gift inside this box - they think they're getting an Earwax Candle Making Kit......... oh the frivolity...... and disappointment.


SIZE: 11.25 x 9 x 3.25"

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