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Save money and the environment with this great new computer gadget

The Eco Button acts as a strong visual reminder and prompt for you to save electricity each time your computer is going to be left idle. The Eco Button is illuminated and sits on your table/desk top next to your keyboard. It connects to your computer via a USB cable.

Each time you take a short or long break, a phone call, go for a meeting etc. you simply press the Eco Button and your computer is put into energy saving 'ecomode' which ensures that both your computer and monitor draw only the same nominal power as when they are shut down!

Under normal circumstances people generally do not like turning off their computers due to the time it often takes to restart. However, with Eco Button by simply pressing any key on your keyboard (some computers require a momentary press of the power button) your computer instantly returns to where you left off.

There's also an additional bonus, each time your computer is put into 'ecomode' the clever Eco Button software records how many carbon units and how much power and money you have saved by using the Eco Button. Over time this can add up to quite a lot (especially if you have many computers running in an office) and you can use this data to help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills.

Computers and monitors can account for half of the electricity used in a typical office. A single monitor left switched on overnight can use the same energy as a laser printer producing 800 A4 printed copies, - and don’t be fooled by a screensaver – the computer is still working at full power to run this.


Questions and answers:

Q: Will Eco Button work on my computer?

A: Eco Button will only work on PC's (A MAC version will be available later).
Some older computers and some hp computers may have difficulty in reactivation. This is a problem with the computer bios and not the software.

Q: Does my PC go into 'Hibernate' mode when Eco Button is engaged?

A: No, Eco Button does not put your PC into Hibernate mode. Eco Button educates your PC to use the lowest power mode available to it whilst at the same time, remain capable of waking up quickly for you to resume work.

Q: What kind of sleep mode does Eco Button actually engage, is it just the normal Stand By mode?

A: No, Eco Button does not employ the normal Stand By mode (although you may get the on screen message 'Preparing to Stand By' when you use your Eco Button, this is simply a default of windows and not an accurate statement in relation to your Eco Button). The mode that Eco Button engages is a deeper energy saving mode than the regular Stand By mode you usually find on a Windows PC. Eco Button mode turns off all the components inside your system except the essential memory. When in Eco Button mode your system is using as little as 1.8 watts.

Q: Does the Eco Button also work the same on laptops?

A: Yes. However, you may need to reactivate by pressing the 'on' switch first.

Q: What systems does it run on?

A: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 bit

Q: How much space is required?

A: Less than 5Mb of disk space and a minimum of 256Kb RAM.

Q: Does it need an Administrator to run?

A: Administrative rights will be required to install the software.

Q: What are Administrative rights?

A: If your computer is part of a network you may need to check with your IT department.

Q: I am not allowed to download software from the web.

A: Then please contact us to arrange a disc to be sent to you (nominal charge applicable)

Q: Will Eco Button affect my internet connection?

A: All internet traffic will be suspended when the Eco Button is used although in most cases, it will simply
continue from where the connection was left off when reconnection is made.

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