Egg Perfect Egg Timer

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Trying to dip your soldier into a hard boiled egg is a little pointless. Dipping your soldier into an egg with white runny bits its slightly off putting. With the Egg Perfect Egg Timer you will be able to get the desired yolk consistency every time.

Graduated scales show when eggs are soft, medium or hard by sensing heat instead of time. The sensor accounts for the number of eggs, the amount of water, even the altitude at which the eggs are being cooked. Soft boiled eggs are exactly as you like them ... every time. Hard boiled eggs are no longer over cooked, so they have perfectly coloured yolks and a smooth texture.

For best results use room temperature tap water and bring eggs and eggtimer to a medium boil. Egg timer should be allowed to cool on the counter; do not emmerse the egg timer in cold water.

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