EweCoo Sheep Clock

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If you've not guessed already then just watch the video below. You'll soon learn (hopefully) that the EweCoo is a Sheep Clock. This will be confirmed with a 'bleet' on the hour every hour.

The EweCoo Clock is a whimsical novelty clock with eye-catching design and an animated animal character making adorable sound on the hour.

The EweCoo clock features accurate Quartz mechanism and automatic night shut off. It has a swinging pendulum which can be removed. The clock can be used as a wall clock or as a mantel clock.

For night time a light sensor automatically shuts off the character when the room becomes dark. For encore performances there is a button on the side.


“Baaa”! On the hour, Ewenis Wooley, the charming sheep pops out of the doors to bleat her greeting. 




The Ewecoo Clock requires requires 1 x AA battery for the movement and 1 x D battery which makes the sheep pop out every hour. You can disable this so she doesn't bleet through the night.



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