Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

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If you want to get noticed at the beach just walk around naked. If this is not appropriate then just get out your Giant Beach Ball, you'll have the entire beach looking to see if its closer than they think or really is a Giant Inflatable Beach Ball.

If you are taking to this beach we're not assuming that you're stupid, but don't blow it up first! That is unless you live on the beach.

Made from high quality vinyl.  Please be aware that this is big so be careful it is not blown away by the wind, you'll have trouble stopping it. Keep away from sharp objects, but can be repaired with a puncture repair kit.

12 ft in Diameter


  • Extra thick, 30 mm vinyl material.
  • Bright Colours.
  • Great fun for holidays and summer by the pool or beach.
  • Includes an emergency patch kit.
  • Large valve for quick and easy inflation/deflation.


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