Giant Inflatable Rubber Duck

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Maybe a bit big for the bath tub, but take it to you local swimming baths and it should fit in fine, it's so versatile it can go in either the mens or womens changing rooms.

Yes it is a 6ft Giant Inflatable Duck and despite it's size it's just as endearing as the smaller bath version.

As seen as part of various publicity stunts around the world, this Giant Inflatable Duck is not camera shy!

Take it to the beach, or just stick it in you living room, we're sure it'll be happy in any environment.

Great for any duck events. You might have seen the very same Inflatable Duck at events on the TV. Now you can get your own.

The item has been check for leaks before it was packed. Be careful not to over inflate and avoid sharp objects.

Yes it's a Giant Inflatable Duck, a must for every pool party and giants bath tub.

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