Giant Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex

Sale price£189.99 GBP


If you like dinosaurs then surely a Giant Inflatable Dinosaur that's nearly 10 foot tall is a must for your living room? This Giant Tyrannosaurus Rex (114 inches high) might only just fit in the average house but will bring a whole new look to your decor.

Don't get dinosaur wallpaper for the kids room, they'd much prefer a Giant Inflatable Dinosaur. If you find the Giant T-Rex a bit big for the kids room then we also have the slightly smaller and reasonable sized 34" High Inflatable T-Rex.

The Giant Inflatable T-Rex is great quality and highly detailed, we would say they're almost lifelike, but perhaps not.

Also great for parties, BBQ's, or just leave in your front garden to see how many people stop and look.

Please note that an Inflatable Dinosaur that's not far off 10 ft high requires some lung power to inflate. That's why we also have the pump available to purchase. You can however use a standard pump, the sort you blow a lilo up with. Can be repaired with a standard inflatable fixing patch.

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