Grow Up! Kids Bed Sheet

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Kids grow up so quickly. before you know if they're going to school and then leaving home. With the kids Grow Up! Bed Sheet. You can see exactly how fast they are growing up.

At some point you'll be seeing how high your child is, but if they are still at baby stage then until they start to walk you have to go by how long they are.

Just place your childs head in the yellow circle and and provided they stop wiggling for long enough you'll be able to see how long they are. The bed sheet has brightly coloured circles, each with a measurement in cms and inches.

The ideal way to see how fast your kids are growing up, or at least see how long they are.

The Kids Grow Up! Bed Sheet measures  60 × 120 cm - 70 × 140 cm / 100% COTTON / 40° WASH

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