Guess What Scales

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Most people probably have a pretty good idea of how much they weigh. However you've almost certainly not got a clue what animal you're similar in weight to. Do you weigh as much as a pig? A panda? or mabe just a rabbit. Well now you and all the family can use the Guess What? Scales to find out how much you and those in the animal kingdom fair.


The Guess What Scales can be used as normal, to see how much you weigh. But you will also be shown the comparative weight of a particular animal. You can even get you and and the kids on the scales to see if you can build up the weight to a giraffe or similar!

You even get pictures on the scales telling you the average weight of that animal. So whether you just like to obsess your own weight or are interested in wildlife these scales are informative and good fun.

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