I Am Not A Paper Cup

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Also see the Eco Cup

The paper coffee cup with plastic lid has become synonymous with todays busy lifestyle. People rushing to get lunch and grab a coffee on the move will be all too familiar with the foam takeaway coffee cup. Now I Am Not A Paper Cup is here your cup of coffee made in the office has now just become the new takeaway coffee.

I Am Not A Paper Cup gives the practicality of being able to take your coffee with you to your next meeting with the functionality of a thermos flask. Made from double-walled porcelain and a flexible silicone cap with drinking hole you have the perfect more eco-friendly cup to take with you whilst carrying out your daily office chores.

Double walled; thermal porcelain cup with silicone top. Eco-friendly and reusable.

Dishwasher safe

Dimensions: 3.5" diameter; 6" tall

Made to look like a real takeaway coffee cup!

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