I Just Shit In The Woods Hand Sanitizer

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If you have just taken a doody in your local woods, then shame on you, wait until you get home. If however you are caught short and out in the wilderness, good luck to you, just watch out for bears, although if you see a bear in the UK then you're probably in a Zoo - they have public toilets.

The I Just Shit in the Woods Hand Sanitizer is specially for those people that like the outdoors. You never quite know when the moment might happen, but one thing is for sure, your judgement is clouded, you can't concentrate and you're going to have to have a moment to yourself. The one thing you do know is that at least you have the correct hand sanitizer with you.

Effective for numbers ones aswell as number twos.....

Ideal for camping and anyone that spends lots of time in the great outdoors.




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