Inflatable Moose Head

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You might just wonder what you do with an Inflatable Moose Head. Well, there are actually quite a few uses. Make you own home a castle or country house by adorning your dining room with one of these. There's no need to go and hunt a prize Elk in some remote place with your gun over your shoulder and a foot over the dead carcus. Just buy one of these and empty your lungs into it. Within seconds you'll have an authentic(ish) life size head watching the proceedings from above your mantlepiece. Alternatively you can always throw your inflatable Moose into the swimming pool or hang it from your bedroom wall as an alternative to your Britney Spears poster. The choice is yours, but you're sure to get a giggle wherever you decide to hang it.Comes deflated! With kit to attach to the wall.Dimensions: 30"H x 29"W x 24" Diameter

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