Inflatable Unicorn Head

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You don't need an Inflatable Unicorn Head, but it would certainly help. There is many an occasion whereby an Inflatable Unicorn Head will have undoubtedly improved the situation. For example if you needed advice on how to open a can of spaghetti without a can opener.... the Unicorn might have an opinion.  There might be times when stub your toe on the furniture, well you can always ask the Unicorn for a plaster and get better kiss.


The Inflatable Unicorn Head is undoubtedly something every house needs.


Includes a hang tag for mounting, 60 inch long string, safety valve and a vinyl repair kit.

Measures 21 inches tall x 16.5 inches wide x 33 inches in diameter.  Phthalate free vinyl.  

100% Magical but we cannot guarantee that any Unicorn, inflatable or not will help in the above situations.

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