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The iStand allows any mobile phone, or iPod user to stand it on their desk. It also allows you to hold your phone from the back so you're not obscuring the phone with your palm. Stand your phone on your desk so you can watch movies or keep an eye on your Facebook page without having to lift your phone to glance at the screen. Simple yet effective.

Can be used for any mobile phones, Smart phones, iPods  or PDA's and comes in seven different colours.

Depending on what degree you want to view your iPhone, you can adjust its suction position until you get the view point you needed. You can also choose to host it in a portrait or landscape position.

The iStand is made from silicon and works via suction to stick to the back of your iPhone/iPod so you can hold more easily without slipping or stand on a flat surface to watch music clips, films or even browsing the internet at ease, it’s like having a mini monitor with you wherever you go. Easy to take on and off.

 Designed and manufactured in Japan.


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