Log Cabin Incense Burner

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There's not many people that don't like the smell of a real log fire or camp fire. So you've got the nice gas or electric fire with backlit lighting effect but without the true ambience of a real fire. That's where this Log Fire Incense will really come into its own. Any guest in your house will now feel warm and nostalgic when they see you fire and smella real log fire.

The Log Fire Incense comes with a log cabin burner, so just place the cabin over the incense to see the smoke rise up out of the chimney.

The incense is made from real balsam fir, so if you want an incense that smells like a real log fire this is as close as you'll get.

Incense refills are available soon,.

  • Log Fire Cabin Burner and 10 x Balsam Fir Incense Sticks

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