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For those reading this wondering what it actually is, well, it?s a sort of removable shelf you put in the downstairs cloakroom so you can read the paper or do the crossword on it whilst going about your business.

If you don?t have a downstairs w.c or a narrow bathroom then this might not appeal. If however the only peace and quiet you get is whilst sitting on the toilet and you have a bathroom this might fit in then this is ideal.

You don't have to use the Loo Read just for reading the paper, do puzzles, apply your make-up or the read Beano, if you like to take your time and relax whilst on the kasi then the Loo Read provides the platform for almost anything.

There are two versions available:

The broadsheet version measures approximately 7cm x 7cm x 62cm and caters for all newspapers but specifically:

The Sunday Times
The Sunday Telegraph
The Financial Times
The Daily Telegraph

Requiring less space, the tabloid version measures approximately 7cm x 7cm x 50cm and has been designed to accommodate tabloid & berlinner sized papers.

If you take a broadsheet but space is a consideration ? don?t worry ? the tabloid version will still satisfactorily cater for a full broadsheet. The ?overhang? of the newspaper is minimal and doesn?t prevent easy turning of the pages.

The Loo Read is manufactured within the UK using UK suppliers. Full fitting instructions are provided.


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