Mighty Selfie Stick

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If it's a giant selfie stick you want then Mighty Selfie Stick is the stick of sticks. At 10ft long it's bigger than any other selfie stick and will allow you to take the most amazing selfies or picture that takes in more of the background than a conventional or 'normal' stick would.


Mighty Selfie Stick

As with most Selfie Sticks the Mighty Selfie Stick is telescopic, it extends to just over 10ft, making it the longest selfie on the market.

Not only can it be used as a giant selfie stick but it can also be used as a tripos. It has feet on the base, so when extended can be stood up and used just like a normal tripod.

The super strong phone mount can hold a phone up to 4.25" and is removable with a head that is GoPro compatible with any GoPro accessories. Also comes with a ¼ inch universal camera mount to hold compact cameras as well.

Easy to carry and lightweight the Mighty Selfies Stick collapses to 23" long and and comes with a strap attached to its base. The steel tripod mount screws into the base has a wide 20” diameter footprint to hold the stick firmly and securely to avoid falling over like many other tripod enable selfie sticks on the market.

A bluetooth button can be work like a ring or attached to the pole so you have total control over when you click to take that once in a lifetime unique picture.

The Mighty Selfie Stick can be used for lots of applications, not just Selfies. It can be used for all manor of useful things:

Group photos
Aerial shots
Real-estate agents
Parties Concerts & festivals
Outdoors & travel photography



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