Missing Socks Clipboard

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Not only do socks go missing, but they rarely get reunited. The Missing Socks Clipboard aims to rectify this problem. All odd socks can be kept seperate and on display, which should hopefully increase the chance of that odd sock finding that other odd sock.

Unless you are a rareity then there is a good chance that collating socks after the wash they dont all pair up. Where those socks go nobody knows, it could be the bermuda triangle of the sock fairy pilfering them. Statistics say that only 1 in 3 socks are ever reunited with its twin.

You can of course just get lots of socks that are all the same size and colour, but life is not meant to be that dull.

So stop the mindless sock buying and make more effort to math them back into pairs. The Missing Sock Clipboard can assist you in this challenge.

The Missing Sock Clipboard measures 25x33 cms and has the capacity for 5 lonely socks.



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