Mobi Vase

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By itself this vase looks slightly unusual, but add the tail and it instantly becomes clear. The Mobi Vase is a unique and cleverly designed vase that will amaze all. When the two halves of the vase are placed together you'll see a whale basking in all its glory.

Just add a few of your favourite flowers and position it along with the whale tail to create the effect.

The Moby Whale Vase holds water in the base so just place your flowers in the top and place the tail somewhere close to complete the effect!

Choose from black or white. Place the Mobi Vase anywhere, just remember to add the tail!

The main body of the whale holds water so just place your flowers in the spout.


  • Main body 25cm in length
  • Made from Grade-A Porcelain and a beautiful Hi-Gloss Finish

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