Mona Lisa clock

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The world famous masterpiece has now turned into a clock. The Mona Lisa was painted in 1506 by Leonardo Da Vinci and has been shrouded in mystery ever since. Is she smiling or is that a deeper more poignant look upon her face?

Very little is known about the Mona Lisa, and there is speculation that she never actually existed, Da Vinci simply painted a female version of himself. If you want to decide for yourself then get a clock and comtemplate your own theory whilst gazing up at your Mona Lisa.
The clock is designed so the actual hands are made up of the background, so at a certain time of the day it may appear that you just have a picture of the Mona Lisa and not a clock.

If you want to combine art with a functional timepiece then the Mona Lisa clock is the answer. The genuine article, priceless, this is only £18.99 and it tells the time!

If only Da Vinci knew that his painting had been reproduced by the millions, a topic of debate across the world and now turned into a clock. Then again if he had not died he probably wouldn't be the prolific painter he is today, but famous for being the worlds oldest man.

18 x 28cms 

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