Moon In My Room

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Moon In My Room migrates away from conventional bedroom lights and provides a unique and interactive alternative to the simple light bulb.

This is more intended as a discreet background light than an actual replacement for your current lighting, but it will provide an ambient glow and have an atmospheric calming effect that you might expect if the moon were glimmering through the gap in your curtains.

Moon In My Room has an automatic light sensor allowing it to detect when darkness falls and come to life. It then has a choice of manual or automatic 'lunar phases' whereby it will slowly cycle through from full moon to completely dark.

Can be hung as easily as hanging a picture on the wall, and also features auto shut off, so there are no worries with leaving it on accidentally.

Includes remote control.
Comes with 15 minute audio CD with guided tour of the moon.
28cm diameter
Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)

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