Mr P 'The Wiper' Toilet Roll Holder

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Mr P will happily sit on the wall or freestanding at your bedside or sideboard all day long dispensing much needed toilet roll, he'll even smile as he does it.

The Mr P Wiper is a toilet roll holder that can either be affixed to your bathroom wall or just sit on the side smiling upwards waiting to dispense.

Just leave the toilet roll sticking out slightly to give the effect of Mr P holding out his tongue.

You can brighten up your bathroom with the funny face of Mr P. Bring a bit of fun and humour to what has always been the boring old toilet roll dispenser.  If you prefer to dispense toilet roll anywhere else in the house then you can simply put Mr P Wiper by your bedside or on your desk.

To add toilet roll just open Mr P up from the side.

Can be wall mounted or free standing.

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