Naughty But Nice Lip Gloss

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The cute Naughty But Nice range of lip gloss is a range of small pots of lip gloss looking like and flavoured similar to cakes. You might feel like eating them once you see how tasty they look and nice they smell, but just remember, it is lip gloss.

Each of the cupcake-shaped pots contains a different delicious 'flavour' of  lip gloss! So choose from any of the six single pots or one of the sets of four.

The special Chocolate pack of four contains a melt on the lips Praline Princess, Mocha Choca, Rose Swirl and Vanilla Fancy, they look just like a box of your favourite truffles. The Other pack of four also comes in a gift box and comes with four of the single pots pictures below.

Yummy pots of juicy and creamy lip gloss styled in the shape of your favorite patisserie pleasures. These little beauties are too good to eat and are calorie free. Perfect for sharing with friends or for girly sleepover parties.

  • Picked at random, please specify in the ordering instructions if you have a preference


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