Pear Pod

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Years of evolution have meant that pears are pear shaped, come in various different varieties, make good cider and are the best shape for a desk tidy.

The Pear Pod is the best desk tidy in the world by far. Not only can it encompass all manner of desk essentials, but it also covers them up so your desk looks neat and it also looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye when in its full pear form.

The Pear Pod has 5 different compartments for various items to fit in with.

You can also use the Pear Pod for other things, such as serving snacks or food, you decide!

  • Comes in Green 
  • Pear pod container.
  • Use to hold stationary, snacks or accessories.
  • Stand bold as a decorative item.
  • The pear is divided into 5 sections inside.

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