Philosophers Guild Nietzsche Watch

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Nietzsche wrote that in an infinite universe, with no god to direct it, the finite experiences of human existence would repeat themselves eternally. In simpler words – we’re doomed to keep doing the same stupid things over and over again. And who can argue with that? We keep forgetting our umbrella, we keep losing our keys, we keep going to Jennifer Aniston movies. It’s a bleak world indeed.

So we’ve made a wristwatch that sums up Nietzsche’s hopeless view of the world. The Nietzsche Watch features an image of Friedrich himself on the face. Instead of a second hand, the phrase "The Eternal Return of the Same" revolves around the face. If we understand Nietzsche correctly, given enough time you’re gonna buy this watch eventually. So why don't you just buy it now and get it over with?

Nickel-free zinc alloy case is 33 mm in diameter. Leather band. 1-year warranty. Japanese quartz movement. Not waterproof.


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