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Germs are everywhere, so generally the more everyday objects we handle the more germs we pass onto something else. Well now you can sterilize, disinfect or sanatize just about every object or gadget that will fit into the PhoneSoap XL.

Based on popular demand, our new larger unit is built to sanitize tablets. Just like PhoneSoap 3, this unit also charges while it sanitizes. Better yet, whatever fits inside Phonesoap XL will be sanitized, so you can clean anything from a pacifier to a remote control.

  • UV sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs
  • Safely sanitizes anything that fits inside
  • Big enough for the Apple iPad Pro, and other large tablets
  • Works with any tablet operating system (Apple iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Charging ports allow it to act as a universal charger for devices

UV-C Light Kills Germs

The four UV-C lamps in PhoneSoap XL produce a specific wavelength of light which encompasses your tablet and passes through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses to impair their DNA. Once their DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer cause infections or disease. PhoneSoap XL is big enough to sanitize anything from pacifiers to remote controls. Let there be light!

PhoneSoap XL is Effective

Four powerful UV-C lights and a reflective inner surface allow the light to surround your phone and ensure the destruction of any unwelcome guests. While PhoneSoap XL was created to focus on tablets, anything you put inside will be safely sanitized. If it fits, it cleans. PhoneSoap XL only takes 15 minutes to completely sanitize* your phone, and a blue indicator on the front will let you know when the sanitizing is complete. Take a look at the results and see for yourself!

*Based on independent third-party test results with staphylococcus aureus

Charge Any Tablet

PhoneSoap XL is universal! Designed to fit even the largest tablets, such as iPad Pro, and engineered to charge any tablet. PhoneSoap ships with a 2.4A USB port on the back of the device. Using the charging cable provided with your own tablet, you can charge your device while it is inside PhoneSoap XL.

For example, if you have an iPad, take the Lightning cable provided by Apple, plug it into the back of the device, then thread it through the pass-through port on the bottom of the device. You will pass the cable through the back and into the inner sanitizing space. Once inside, you can leave your cable there and plug it into your tablet any time you want to charge. Plugging your cable into your tablet will allow it to charge at normal speeds. This works with any device charging cable such as a Micro USB, lightning cable or even Apple’s old 30-pin cable.




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