Pick Your Nose Cups

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At first glance they probably aren't the most appealing sounding cups, but once you realise the fun that could be had at your party you won't just want some Pick Your Nose Cups, but you will also want to host a party every day of the week.

The cups come in packs of twenty four and have twelve different photo realistic images on. Once the cup is raised to your mouth your face will be transformed by a new conk. Just a bit cheaper than a nose job, and of course you have twelve to choose from, so just swap cups if your not happy with it, or for those ashamed of their nose just drink a lot.

So if you just use them for the house or you're planning that great party they are sure to create a giggle.

Get a new nose today.

There are 24 12-oz. cups in each pack, evenly divided between male and female proboscises (errr, noses). Packed in a nice clear box.

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