Potato Clock

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You might think it's a genetically modifed potato but it's not. In fact it's not even a potato, it's just a clock and some probes. You can however power up this clock by plugging it into some potatoes. Yes it's true, harness the power of the humble potato and use it to tell the time.

We're not exactly sure on the science or how a potato manages to harness so much power but it does. Within the next few years you will also be able to power LED lights for about 40 days using a single potato!

Generate electricity using only the power of nature. You don't even have to use a potato, you can use various foods and drinks around the house to power the digital clock. It's not just potatoes that make unusual batteries try tomatoes or lemons or even a fizzy drink.

Box Contents: Digital clock, transparent tapes, 2 pots, copper and zinc connecting wires, detailed instructions.

Suitable for ages 10+

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