Rainbow Clock

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Oregon Scientific Rainbow Clock is a unique clock that is specially designed to help relieving stress with its calming colour and sound options. It is a common knowledge that different colours and sounds have different effects on our mood. They can even help you sleep better and wake up to a peaceful morning everyday. Oregon Scientific rainbow Clock offers a wide selection of functions such as relaxing mood colours and soothing sounds of nature as well as ability to connect your MP3 to allow you to personalise it according to your needs.




Keys for Relaxation

Good night sleep and a peaceful morning - 4 options of soothing sounds of nature

A blend of relaxing mood lights across the spectrum a rainbow - Crystal clear display reflects a wide selection of relaxing colours of a rainbow. Simply choose the colour of your mood to give an ambient glow into your room.

Play your favourite music - Connect your MP3/audio device via the line-in jack to play your favourite music


  • 4 smoothing sounds with unique colour changing light and sleep timer function
  • Colour changing light improves ambience and can be set to suit surroundings
  • Pre-set daily 2 minute crescendo / smoothing sound alarm with 8 minute snooze
  • LCD Display with dimmer function
  • Precise time keeping with radio controlled clock
  • Line-in for playing your favourite music

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