Senz Umbrella

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Playing with the wind has become not only easy and comfortable, it’s a lot of fun too! The Senz Umbrella easily slices its way through all winds, from an afternoon breeze to strong autumn gusts.Due to its aerodynamic design, the Senz° Storm umbrellas always find the most comfortable position in the wind. That makes it exceptionally pleasant to use the senz° original, even in strong gales.

The smart design prevents the umbrella from turning inside out and makes it windproof up to 100 km/h (63 MPH)! Additionally, its unique shape gives you a perfect sight with the best possible rain protection.

The Senz° Umbrella is a winner of multiple design awards. Its smooth oval shaft matches seamlessly with the aerodynamic shape of the umbrella. It is not only very functional, but also a delight for your eyes!


  • Senz Umbrella
  • Aerodynamic Wind Resistant Design
  • Asymmetrical Wing Styled Canopy
  • Rigid Oval Shaft
  • Extra Reinforcing Rib Construction
  • Ergonomically Designed Eye Saver Connectors


Sizing & Dimensions: XL Colour Black

Folded Length: 90 cm
Folded Width: 4cm

Canopy Arc Length (Front-to-Back): 115cm
Canopy Arc Width (Side-to-Side): 110cm


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