Spread Heads Toothpaste Caps

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These fun looking caps for your toothpaste tube will brighten up your bathroom and have the kids queuing at the bathroom door. Dispense your toothpaste via one of these novelty toothpaste caps and you cannot help smile, which should make it easier to get to your teeth..

Choose between Oscar the cat or Rex the dinosaur, Just give the toothpaste tube a quick squeeze and the toothpaste will be dispensed through the mouth.

Simply replace the existing toothpaste cap with Toothpaste Oscar and Presto! The Paw pushes back into the mouth to close the tube. Brushing teeth becomes more FUN!

The Toothpaste heads from Spread Heads.

Fits all standard toothpaste tubes.

Also see the  Spread Heads Condiment dispenser

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