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If we could only have a piece of the sun and keep it on our mantle piece glowing brightly. Well now you can using a Sun Jar.

Leave the Sun Jar on a bright window sill all day and it will absorb the suns rays. When night time falls the Sun Jar will start to emit light and happily glow until dawn or it runs out of energy.

The Sun Jar is made to resemble an old fashioned jam jar and contains a solar cell and LED lights. So will spend all day charging using the suns rays and radiate a nice warm glow when darkness falls.

So harness the suns energy and use the unusual little jar to provide a cost effective and cheap way to bring a warm glow to those bleak cold nights in.

  • Requires no batteries, purely solar powered
  • Measures 16 x 10 x 10
  • Built in light sensitive on/off switch

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