T-Qualiser T-Shirt Blue

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Flash T-Qualiser T-Shirt (Blue)
T-Qualiser Blue Graphic Equaliser Sound Activated T-Shirt is the ultimate in geek chic and groovy design, the coolest wearable tech around. It's a light-up shirt that turns you into a human graphic equalizer panel while you're out partying to your heart's content.

In a sea of attention-seeking clubbers you can be at a loss on how to stand out - you'll never struggle again with the Flash T-Qualiser shirt. The Electro Luminescence display may be wafer-thin, but its improved technology is our brightest yet, guaranteeing all eyes are on you - as it should be! The shirt's built-in wide spectrum controller processes the volume, beat and frequency of the music around you into a display as attention-grabbing as you would expect from TQ. Each frequency triggers a lightning-quick equaliser bar and lights up the EL display in a way unique to your music.

The slim-line display panel and power-pack ensure that none of your attention is caught up in the cutting-edge technology, and you can devote all of your energy to what you do best - owning that floor!

100% cotton
- The battery pack can be unplugged for easy washing.
- Requires 4 regular AAA Batteries.
- The t-shirt is hand wash only

T-Shirt Chest Sizes:

Small 36-38"
Medium 39-41"
Large 42-44"
Extra Large 45-47"

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