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Meet Clocky's tech saavy brother, Tocky. Just like Clocky, Tocky will jump from your nightstand and roll away to get you out of bed. With Tocky, there's never a dull morning. He's out??ed with a microphone so that you can record your own sounds. Wake-up to your mom's voice calling you to get up even when you're 3000 miles away. Tocky can also upload MP3s. Listen to your favorite tracks as they roll around your room! Tocky's a breeze to use with his touch sensitive interface. Just spin your ??ger around the dial to change the time or the track.





• Rolls away on carpet or wood
• Durable, Jumps from 3 feet high
• Uploads up to 2 hours of MP3s
• Records up to 6 hours of personal wake-up messages
• Intuitive touch sensitive controls let you spin dial to change time
• Colorful skins to match room decor
• Demonstrable with 'demo' mode
• Alarm time visible from home screen
• Option to turn off rolling to use as a conventional alarm clock
• Compact size: 3.25" diameter


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